About Us

Our mission is to make it easy for pawrents to provide the very best for their pups! Plain and simple ❤️

We want to give dog owners a stress free way to fulfil their dogs needs, keep them happy and help them thrive – we have researched all the best toys and treats on the market so we can provide our customers with specialist boxes and products which cater for different dogs and their unique personalities 🐶

My name is Emma and I’m the main human face behind TDDC 🙋🏼‍♀️ – dog lover, dog walker and most importantly a dog mama! I’m trained in canine welfare and behaviour and am absolutely obsessed with dogs … can you tell?!

My partner (Andy) and I have two beautiful rescue pups, Violet and Cooper and in the past we’ve found it difficult to find all the high quality enrichment items, toys and treats that we need in one place!

We’ve spent wild amounts of money on postage costs through multiple businesses and huge amounts of time researching what’s best for our pups! So we want to provide all you other pawrents with all the best toys and treats in one place!

Violet and Cooper came from tough pasts and were extremely nervous when we first met them. I know that the right enrichment activities, toys and games have played a massive part in their journey and we want to share this with other pawrents too! ❤️